Eat the Rich - A Dungeons & Dragons Adventure | Sunday, 27 November | Indiranagar, Bangalore

Celebrate Black Friday weekend with us by playing some Dungeons & Dragons and other TRPGs.

Where: Watson’s, Indiranagar, Bangalore (Google Maps )
When: 27 November, 12 noon to 5pm
Price: Rs. 500/day (inclusive of a Rs. 200 cover charge)
Tickets: Buy Tickets for Eat the Rich

It’s a beginner-friendly event where you’ll play through a short campaign themed around capitalism! Doesn’t matter if you are a new player or experienced one. You can choose which adventure you want to participate in (else we can assign you one).

Before the event:

  • We will assign games from the table below to players a day or so before the event.
  • Make sure to reach the venue atleast 15 minutes before (11:45am). If you are late we might not be able to hold your seat.
  • We will not be able to accommodate last minute changes since DMs require time to prepare the adventure.
  • Please bring and wear a mask by default. Be mindful of other people at your table. If everyone is okay to play without them, that is fine but just be sure to discuss it with your table and respect choices.
  • If you have any questions please feel free to DM @inputj or @karthikb351. You can also talk to other attendees on the #eat-the-rich-nov27 channel on our discord. You can join the discord by clicking here. We’ll have a list of games being run with more information about each posted here soon!

Player ↔ Adventure Assignments

Game System Time DM Players
Spring Never Comes D&D 5th Edition 12 Noon - 4:30PM @HELM
To Have and to Hold D&D 5th Edition 12 Noon - 4:30PM @Thorax
Moonlighting Mallards D&D 5th Edition 12 Noon - 4:30PM @mithunbalraj
Family Business D&D 5th Edition 12 Noon - 4:30PM @G1.Jeevan
Aambo - A Tribal Carnival D&D 5th Edition 12 Noon - 4:30PM @RollODie
The Gang meets the invisible hand of the free market D&D 5th Edition 12 Noon - 4:30PM @Rahil_Hussain