Moonlighting Mallards | D&D 5e | 27th November 2022

You are employees of the world’s foremost* transportation & shipping institution, Blue Skies Transport & Trading Co., and crewmembers of the airship the Merry Mallard. However, on the side, you’ve also run a couple of odd jobs (in flagrant violation of company policy) and have another one planned for your upcoming voyage. Will you be able to pull it off without your boss finding out? There’s much to be gained…just make sure that it doesn’t affect the bottom line and noticeably breach protocol, or heads will roll!

*as per the DCR poll of 864 PS

Work together to “acquire” a relic from a ruin while still being on the clock as cogs in the corporate machine as part of an airship crew of a transportation company. Will it be a heist? or a smash-and-grab? Will you manage to keep your jobs (and more importantly, lives?) It’s up to you!

You can expect: High magic setting. Player-driven action - you’ll be charting how you approach the majority of this scenario.
Content warnings: Capitalism, corporate culture, unhealthy work environments.
Prefered: Players who have some D&D 5e or at least tabletop roleplaying game familiarity.
Level of play: Hoping to run this for characters at level 7 or higher. Experience playing lvl 7+ isn’t needed, this is a good time to try/experiment!

Date and time 27 Nov, 12pm
Place Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition
Safety/content tool Lines & Veils
Character creation Level 7 characters (or higher, based on applications.) Encouraged to work on characters with the Dungeon Master (even if only at a conceptual level). If needed, pre-generated characters will be provided.
Number of players 3-4

Drop a reply below if you want to participate in this adventure! Please include a line about whether you’ve played before.

Current players:

Count me in!
Been playing the game for while :v:t4:


Hi! I’d love to join!

Played DnD before

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Me too! I’d love to join… have played a few times.

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Hey, I have experience playing DnD as well. Is this one full or can I join?

Heya, we might be full, going to have to confirm with the others who’ve signed up tomorrow morning while we’re assigning. If we have space we’ll try to give you preference here if you’d like though!

Sounds good. Thanks!