Family Business | D&D 5E | 27th November 2022

Its not always wise to mix blood and business. Especially if said family has ego’s the size of Tarrasques. You are hired by Morkin, an artificer to retrieve an important artifact that he was commissioned to make by a local lord, but was in turn stolen by his arch nemesis, business rival, and younger brother, High Wizard, Gorkin. Will you manage to retrieve the said artifact? Will you be able to traverse the Gorkin’s fantastical home to retrieve your query? or would you manage to mend a long broken relationship, just in time for the oncoming winters crest festival?

Work to together to retrieve the stolen artifact for Morkin. The game will involve light battle, roleplay, puzzles and general silliness. I am but a humble DM who sets the heist scene, its upto you party members to determine if the background music is from Mission Impossibe or Pink Panther. Good luck!

Date and time 27 Nov, 12pm
Place Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting D&D 5e
Safety/content tool Lines and Vails
Character creation _Pregen sheets will be handed out. You’re welcomed to make your own lvl 3 character using standard array stats and normal starting items _
Number of players 4-5 players

Current players:

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