Dungeons & Dragons: A pride fundraiser | Sunday, August 7th | Indiranagar, Bangalore

Where: Watson’s, Indiranagar, Bangalore (Google Maps)
When: Sunday, 7th August, 11am to 5pm
Price: Rs. 500 (inclusive of a Rs. 200 cover charge)
Tickets: Dungeons & Dragons - A pride fundraiser with ReRoll Board Games - Sold Out

We’ve finally got a new date!


Hello adventurers! We invite you to an afternoon of tabletop role playing games. It’s a beginner-friendly event where you’ll get to be part of an epic adventure taking place over several hours, all while raising money for pride!

Doesn’t matter if you are a new player or experienced one. You can choose which adventure you want to participate in (else we can assign you one)

All the proceeds go to the Trans Community Kitchen

Trans community kitchen is a mutual aid group that functioned as a kitchen that fed homeless folks, frontline workers, and the trans community during the second wave of the COVID, and has continued to do a variety of social work like supporting trans artists, helping trans folks with their medical expenses, helping LGBTQ youth prepare for and attend competitive exams, helping the HIV+ community satisfy the need for nutritious and immunity boosting food, and so on. They are funded entirely by crowdfunded contributions from the queer and adjacent communities.

Instagram: @transcommunitykitchen
Mailing List: Trans Community Kitchen mailing list

Before the event:

  • Players who did not choose a game have been assigned one.
  • While there might be games happening at different times, you can only participate in one game at this event. We will not be able to accommodate players playing two sessions.
  • Make sure to reach the venue atleast 15 minutes before your game is scheduled to start. If you are late we might not be able to hold your seat.
  • We will not be able to accommodate last minute changes since DMs require time to prepare the adventure.
  • Please bring and wear a mask by default. Be mindful of other people at your table. If everyone is okay to play without them, that is fine but just be sure to discuss it with your table and respect choices.
  • If you have any questions please feel free to DM @inputj or @karthikb351. You can also talk to other attendees on the #dnd-pride-fundraiser-aug22 channel on our discord. You can join the discord by clicking here.

Player - Adventure Allocations

Game System Time DM Players
[FULL] “Vows & Violence” AKA “The Wedding Party” D&D 5th Edition 11AM - 5PM @Mohammed_Nedal @sadqurma +1, @Ecclesia, @Priyanka_Vasudevan, @RahulKedia, Rahul Jadhav
[FULL] A Study in Violet D&D 5th Edition 1PM - 4PM @karthikb351 @sadqurma +1, @Ecclesia, @Priyanka_Vasudevan, @RahulKedia, Rahul Jadhav
[FULL] Halcyon City - Home of Superheroes Masks: A New Generarion 2PM - 5PM @Sivaram_Krishnan @Halcyon, @Richa224 +1, @G1.Jeevan, @Fluke, @Teekay
[FULL] The Gauntlet D&D 5th Edition 11AM - 2PM @G1.Jeevan @Mangesh_Gawankar, @Akshat_Gupta, @Darkxlight_6, @sanjay_suresh
[FULL] Pay the tab D&D 5th Edition 11AM - 2PM @Animalistik @anuraag62 @punit.pi @Harshadeva @babe @Shannon + 1
[FULL] Adventuring Party: The First Foray D&D 5th Edition 11AM - 2PM @Thorax @shalaka_rawat + 2, @Giri_Prasad, KB
[FULL] The Eagle Gang Avengers Jhandgaon: Improv Fantasy 1PM - 4PM @shrishti @Garima + 1, @Nischal_Mohan, Rishi
[FULL] A Familiar Quandary D&D 5th Edition 1PM - 4PM @Kshema_Kurup Ankush + 1, Oshin + 1
[FULL] No Snare Like Folly D&D 5th Edition 1PM - 4PM @HELM Parul + 1, Rishab M, Isis +1, Abhimanyu G
[FULL] How Not to Host a Murder D&D 5th Edition 1PM - 4PM @inputj @Akhileshwari_Reddy, Manek + 1, Surabhi, Aarti

Interested in being a Dungeon Master and running a table?

We are also looking for more Dungeon Masters to help run sessions, since more DMs = more space for players :slight_smile:
If you are interested in DMing, please reach out to @karthikb351 or @inputj via private message on this forum, or you can reach out to us on our Discord.

We raised a total of Rs. 17,200 for @transcommunitykitchen from this event! :heart: