We're looking for a venue for September's D&D event

We’re looking to do a D&D event in September for 50-60 people and need a venue since our usual ones aren’t available.

This is for ~5 hours, from noon to 5pm on either Saturday or Sunday (September 17th or 18th).


  • 10-11 tables, with 5-6 chairs per-table.
  • Well lit, since people will need to read printed sheets
  • Music that is really low (or can be turned down), since people will need to be able to talk to each other for long without straining their voice
  • Located somewhere accessible - Indiranagar, Koramangala, Central Bangalore are ideal but open to new places too
  • This should be available for use for free (or via a cover charge for attendees) we don’t want to rent a venue
  • For reference, you can check out last month’s event - Dungeons & Dragons: A pride fundraiser | Sunday, August 7th | Indiranagar, Bangalore

Do you have any suggestions for venues or know anyone we can get in touch with? Drop a reply here, on discord, or DM any of our social media accounts. You can also WhatsApp us by clicking here.

Any luck? ‘Fingers crossed’