"Pay the Tab" I 7th August I D&D Pride Fundraiser - ReRoll Bangalore I Watson's Indiranagar

After successfully pushing back the hoardes of fiends, the city has come to relative calm. A wealthy Merchant Patron invites everyone of note to a festive gathering at his Manor, especially the many adventurers who protected the city.

Our story starts after the event. Be it liquid courage or sheer stupidity, some of the adventurers had caused havoc that night, leaving you all with the burden of cleaning up and securing this space before sunrise. Some of your friends ditch, some others stay back and help. Regardless, it’s not worth getting on the bad side of such an important figure, and he said he’d pay you for the work. Left practically alone, the Manor becomes more and more empty… Even emptier than you first saw it… Some things have gone missing after the everyone else has left. Can you find out what is happening here or will you have to Pay the Tab?

You will take the role of adventurers who have gained a bit of recognition in the city, and hope to not lose it this night. The adventure will be short and beginner friendly with a relatively equal mix of exploration, combat and roleplay. Character creation can be done at the table or beforehand, along with the option of using pre-generated sheets.

D&D Pride Fundraiser Event
|Date and Time| 7th August, 11:00 AM to 02:00 PM [can extend if needed] |
|Place| _Watson’s, Indiranagar, Bangalore _ |
|System and Setting| Dungeons and Dragons 5e |
|Number of players| 3 to 5 players |
|Character level| 3 (default) or upto 5 |

Current players: 0/(3-5)

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5 of my friends and I are looking for an adventure, is this one available?
@anuraag62 @punit.pi @Harshadeva @babe @Shannon and @Hunter

Yes, this one is open. I’ll DM you the details and we can take it from there.