[FULL] | Halcyon City - Home of Superheroes | Masks: A New Generation RPG | 7 August, 2 PM - 5 PM

GM Name: Hi there - I am Siva (He/Him). I have been playing RPGs for over 5 years now. I started out running games using the D&D system but over the past two years, I have branched out into other kinds of RPGs - my current favorite being Masks. This is an RPG game where you take on the role of a teenage superhero and live out your wildest action hero fantasies - saving the city while also finishing homework. I love introducing new players to the hobby and I usually prioritize the “rule of cool” in all my games.

About the game:

Welcome to Halcyon City - home of Superheroes!!! Find your place within this technological metropolis as you take on the roles of teenage superheroes coming into their own.

A new wave of terror is unleashed upon Halcyon City, and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes have their hands full in defeating Dr. Infinity and their nefarious plot to take over the world. A deadly horde of cybernetic drones controlled by Dr. Infinity are attacking the defenses of the city while superheroes across the City scramble to find Dr. Infinity’s location and sever their connection to the drones.

Our story, however, starts in the classrooms of Halcyon High School where our young superheroes were in the middle of school when the City was thrown into chaos.

Will they step up to keep the City and it’s citizens safe?

This game uses the Masks: A New Generation RPG system. It is easy to pick up even if you have never played any RPGs before, or if you have only played D&D prior to this. New players are welcome and I will teach the system as we play.

Date and time 7 August 2022, 2 PM - 5 PM
Place Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting Masks: A New Generation RPG
Character creation Character Creation happens at the table. You will be given the various playbooks to choose from at the table itself. I am happy to discuss Character Creation before the game as well, but it is relatively straight forward and won’t take longer than 15 - 20 minutes.
Number of players Up to 6 players. This game is new player friendly. If you have never played this kind of RPG or any RPG game at all, this is fairly easy to pick up

Current players: @Halcyon, @Richa224 +1, @G1.Jeevan, @Fluke, @Teekay


@Sivaram_Krishnan i wanna play

Of course! Jump right in. Im adding you to the game

Hi! I’d like to join, along with a friend! @Sivaram_Krishnan

Hi !! Happy to have you and your friend on board. I’ll add you both in.

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Helloooo. save a slot for me

Would love to play. PbtA is my jam!

Happy to have you!! Ill add you to the game

Would like to join if a spot is available and if you’ll have me. Lemme know if I can play Chaitra

Sure. Happy to have you on board. Hop in

@Sivaram_Krishnan Hi Siva, I had a doubt - do we need to show up at 11 or would a bit closer to our session time of 2pm also be ok?

Closer to 2 is ok. Ill only reach by 130 / 145.

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I don’t know where to mention this, so saying it here.

5 of my friends and I are looking for an adventure, are there any available?
@anuraag62 @punit.pi @Harshadeva @babe @Shannon and one more guy I’ll update the username when I have it.

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Hi Anurag!

You can repost your message under the Pay Your Tab adventure. Link here.

I believe there should be space to accommodate 5 players there

there are 6 of us though

Ah ok. My bad. Let me tag @karthikb351 here for an assist.

Hi Anurag! I had a word with @Animalistik who is running the Pay the Tab Adventure. I believe he can accommodate 6 players. I would suggest you drop a message on the adventure post here

By any chance room for one more ?

Hi Rahul. Unfortunately im at max capacity on this table. I would suggest you can come over to the Reroll discord and drop a message there for any open tables.

Discord link should be on the top of this page.