About the Lands of Loorou

A campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons games in Bangalore. This is the setting of the Faction Metagame and the Influx. It is built out by DMs and through gameplay at various events in the city.
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The Lands of Loorou is the much-foretold persistent Campaign Setting within which D&D 5E games (and possibly certain other systems) will be run in Bangalore. This is the setting of the Faction Metagame and the Influx. It will be built out by DMs and through gameplay over the various Reroll TTRPG events. The wiki will be updated on an ongoing basis with in-game events and discoveries but also whenever DMs feel like contributing lore to the Lands.

The Lands of Loorou are too sparsely populated to have a central government, although the rulers of each of the four large urban centres of the Lands (Cordonis, Orvain, Elphindale and Xarth) form a loose conglomeration called the Council of Loorou.

Feel free to wander around the wiki and visit a few of the pages that have already been created. You could visit locations like the town of Elphindale or the city of Orvain. Maybe you have need of the kind of assistance that mercenary bands like the Sundered or the Crimson Fists can provide. Maybe you want to join up and do some roistering. Maybe you seek after obscure knowledge of the kind that is hoarded at Starfall Academy or the Arcaeum Orbis.

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There are fortunes to be made and legends to be written in the Lands of Loorou. Your destiny awaits!


"By all rights, Loorou should not exist, at least in its current state. It is surrounded by near-impassable geographical features - the Cordonade Mountains to the North, the Stormwood to the West, and Mirrormere to the South. The soil of Loorou is thin and alkaline to the extent that certain scholars are of the strong view that the entire Land was cursed sometime in the distant past. Its fauna (and a large proportion of its flora) seems to spend much of its time thinking up yet more cruel ways to devour its neighbours - if you’re lucky they kill you first. The sun beats down mercilessly over all of it.

And yet Loorou has drawn power to it since time immemorial. It is impossible to walk for half a day in any direction without stumbling across some ancient ruin or broken down keep, warding runes still glaring warnings of their effectiveness. Countless empires have battered themselves against its forbidding landscape and retreated, bloodied.

The people of Loorou are as their land themselves - forbidding, dour, slow to act and even slower to form attachments. And yet as I make my way through these lands I find myself becoming more like them - slower yet more sure. More solid. Bedrock."

  • Archaz Sevast, Peregrinations Volume IV

Note: The following missive was discovered around the year 253 AI (After Influx) by scholars of the Arcaeum Orbis in the personal archive of Scrivener Ashardelle. It is of obvious interest to scholars of the Union War period of the history of Loorou especially in hindsight and knowing the outcome of those conflicts. A piece of history, certainly.

"To, Scrivener Ashardelle, Lady of the Cabal of Orvain
From, Merriman Mayhew, Master of the Menagerie

Greetings, dearest Lady,

I hope this humble missive finds you in good health and in the spirit that shines as a beacon to us all in these times of struggle. I draw your memory to our conversations when we last met at the glorious monument to scholarship that you have built in Orvain. The Council of Loorou, while a start that is not to be disregarded, does not have sufficient temporal authority to rule over our beloved land of Loorou.

I look upon the great centre of knowledge that you have created in the certainty that you, like myself, are a builder of legacies, a creator of institutions. It behooves ones such as ourselves to look to better our lands, by creating a strong and stable institution of governance. For too long have we allowed our lands to remain dormant and chaotic, with no direction or order to channel its undoubted yet unfulfilled potential.

I know you have some influence over House Cordone through your magnificent daughter Sabelle. Surely it will not involve too much effort to convince the Counting House and whoever claims to rule Elphindale that it is in our collective interest for the Lands to have a central government? Would it not make sense for the Council to debate these matters with an eye to building a lasting legacy?

The travels of my Menagerie through the Lands will bring me to Xarth and then Elphindale ere long. I am at your service in the event you believe I can lend my voice to this great undertaking with their respective rulers. Let us use the time given to us to write a glorious chapter in all our stories.

I remain,
Your servant,