Where to buy boardgames in India

I keep getting asked where to buy games in India (outside of Amazon/Flipkart), so here’s a reference list! All descriptions below are from the websites themselves. Numbers in brackets are total number of games available (in-stock) as of May 2021.

You can search most of the below stores at once using the search on the Reroll website: reroll.in/search.

Online Stores

  • boardgamesindia.com [495]
    Authorized local publisher and distributor for many games.
  • Bored Game Company [1585]
    Good collection. Lots of accessories as well.
  • Boardway [60]
    Mainly popular games, and sleeves.
  • Tabletop Universe [60]
    Small good collection for mid-heavy strategy games. They also have official Hindi prints of Wingspan and Terraforming Mars.
  • Toycra [37]
    Small collection of gateway games.
  • SmilyKiddos [24]
    Kingdominos, Photosynthesis, and a few more.
  • BooksWagon [300+]
    Osprey Games, and Wizards of The Coast. Limited publishers.
  • GAMEStocart [100+]
    Small but decent collection of popular board and card games. They have 3d puzzles as well.
  • Gameistry [250]
    Gameistry specialize in casual international tabletop games.
  • FunCorp [150+]
    Mainly popular games from Asmodee, Hasbro, Funskool, Mattel.
  • Crossword [50+]
    Popular games from Hasbro, Funskool
  • Hamleys
    Popular games from Hasbro, Funskool etc.

Straight from designers:

  • DiceToy Labs
    INDUS is their flip-and-write civilization-building game. Yudhbhoomi is their Indian war-themed game. They also have 3D-printed trays for game components.
  • Tacitgames
    Indian Jigsaw puzzles, and few games.
    SHASN is a multiplayer strategy board game where every player takes on the role of a politician in the midst of a political campaign.
  • Bharata 600 BC (Board Game) – GoIndia Games
    Bharata 600 BC is an epic strategy board game set in the ancient Indian subcontinent.
  • DesiToys
    Buy Indian Traditional Toys and Indoor Games For Kids Online In India

Pre-loved boardgames:

India’s first #1 second-hand Marketplace for buying and selling hobby / designer board games. Please read the FAQ linked in the chat description.

International re-shippers

There’s some websites that will purchase a product on your behalf and re-ship it to you in India, taking care (usually) of customs etc. Expect these to be sourced from Amazon UK or US mainly. Here’s a few:

Physical Stores

Don’t think I’ve covered everything, if you have suggestions - reply and I’ll add them here.

Great work :clap:t3:

Bored Game Company has a physical store in Pune as well -
The Bored Game Company
093221 28516

Also we maintain a list in Meeple Market that you can refer

  1. Boardgames India (http://www.boardgamesindia.com/)

  2. Boardway India (http://boardway.in/)

  3. BoredGameCompany (http://in.boredgamecompany.com/)

  4. GamesToCart (https://www.gamestocart.com/)

  5. Gameistry (http://www.instamojo.com/gameistry)

  6. Tabletop Universe (https://www.tabletopuniverse.com/)

  7. My Games / My Toys ([email protected], +91 98213 30302)

  8. Smily Kiddos (http://www.smilykiddos.in/collections/board-games)

  9. Toycra (Games Online at Best Prices in India — Toycra)

  10. Bookswagon (https://www.bookswagon.com) – For Osprey Games and Wizards RPG stuff

  11. Amazon sellers – Gameistry, Yuva Fashion Store, My Games

Thanks, updated the post.

Can you tell me, please, what board game stores are there in Mumbai?
Preferably something like https://in.boredgamecompany.com/
Really need… I am a bit confused and would be very grateful to the community for help…
Thanks in advance !

I made a custom search engine for all the known sites, and added it to the reroll website. Access it at reroll.in/search.

Feedback/suggestions are welcome.