India's Budget Tabletop Games Gifting Guide 2022

What to buy (on a budget!) for your board games and tabletop RPG friends and family this holiday season in India.

It can be daunting/tedious to research across so many websites, games, and their wildly varying prices, so we’ve put together a list of what we think are some of what we think are the best options available under ₹1500

This is a work-in-progress! We’ll be updating this post until Dec 31st.

If you just want a list of places to buy board games in India, please check out @nemo’s list on Where to buy boardgames in India

Board/Card Games under ₹1500

This is inherently a subjective list as these are games we are confident in endorsing. There are many other games available at this price on the same sites.

Love Letter - ₹899 at Bored Game Company

@karthikb351 : This is probably my most played board/card game. It’s deceptively simple and packs a great deal of strategy that slowly reveals itself with every playthrough. It just takes 5 minutes to teach and each game is probably not more than 10 minutes long. Over the years this game has lead to some of my most fun moments of risk, deduction, and luck - especially with my non-board gamer friends. Highly recommend.

Fungi - ₹999 at Cryptic Cardboard

Kingdomino - ₹749 at Bored Game Company

Point Salad - ₹550 at Board Games India

Incan Gold - ₹1400 at Board Games India

Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza - ₹549 at Bored Game Company

Mint Control | Mint Cooperative | Mint Delivery - ₹1020 each at Board Games India

Ultimate Werewolf - ₹1350 at Board Games India

The Fox in the Forest Duet - ₹1360 at Board Games India

Saboteur - ₹775 at Gameistry

High Society - ₹1097 at Bookswagon

Codenames - ₹1469 on Amazon India

@karthikb351: Amazon is notorious for fake/counterfeit games. If given a choice, consider buying from one of the indie board game ecommerce sites to help support the hobby and industry in India.)

Dungeons & Dragons (and other TRPGs) under ₹1500

D&D and other TRPGs are notoriously hard to navigate for new players since there are just so many options.

Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Kit - ₹1473 at Bookswagon

@karthikb351: If you are getting into D&D or have a friend who is interested, this is a great place to start! It includes dice, a DM’s screen, character sheets, and a pretty well received starting adventure. The inclusion of cards for quests, sidekicks, and items are super handy for new DMs.

Dungeon Master’s Screen Reincarnated - ₹956 at Bookswagon

@karthikb351: This is a non-brainer upgrade for the basic DM’s screen that comes with either the Starter or Essentials Kit. It’s four-panels and way sturdier.

TRPG Dice Sets - On Bored Game Company

@karthikb351: BGC have a few dice sets under ₹1500 in a bunch of designs and colors. They usually are out of stock so grab them while they are available!

Tabletop Accessories

Plastic component boxes - ₹49 onwards on Indian Meeple

@karthikb351: Haven’t personally bought these but they look great and will always be useful for any board gamer with a decent collection of games.

Wooden component organizers - ₹450 for set of 6 on Cryptic Cardboard

@karthikb351: A more eco-friendly option that costs a bit more and is much more premium looking. These are stackable but don’t have a lid so they seem to be better for organizing pieces during a game rather than for storage.

3D printed organizers and trays - By Board Games Bazaar

3D printed dice tower - ₹799 on Mozaic Games

Coasters and Mugs - On Bored Game Company

@karthikb351: These are pretty fun boardgame-related coasters and mugs. These are quite nice little gifts that anyone who is into games will definitely appreciate given how niche they are.

Custom Playmats and Bags - By Boardgame Doodads

@karthikb351: They make custom playmats and carry bags. Reach out to them on their website for more information. They are currently made-to-order.