What about a Secret Santa?

We’ve got about ~100 people on the forums already, and we expect 100 more by the end of the year.
What do you folks think of an online secret santa that we run on the forum?

How it would work

  • We have a window of time for people to sign up as a santa.
  • After the sign ups close we match people randomly. You’ll get the username of someone random. This is your santee.
  • You buy (or make!) a gift based on what you think your santee will like(and within the price limit).
    We could have a section on the user profile to fill out interests, so your santa will have something to go on.
  • We can pass messages back and forth anonymously if you want to ask questions.
  • You ship your gift by the deadline, and we’ll start a thread for folks to post about the gifts they’ve received.

We’ll try and provide a guide on what/where to buy board game stuff in India. It doesn’t necessarily have to be like a full board game (which is usually pretty expensive). Time to get creative!

Would you be interested in participating in an online Secret Santa here on the forums?

  • Yes, sounds great
  • Not interested

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If yes, what do you think the price limit should be? (your vote is not shown publicly)

  • Less than Rs. 500
  • Less than Rs. 1000
  • Less than Rs. 1500
  • Less than Rs. 2000
  • More than Rs. 2000

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Any other thoughts/ideas on this? Feel free to reply below.


Update: We’ve opened sign ups! For more details visit Secret Santa 2019.