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Join our Secret Santa game!

Signup to be a part of our board games Secret Santa. Communities should do community things, no?

To register you need to login into the forum and join the group: Sign up for Secret Santa 2019

Let’s make this the beginning of an big annual tradition!

More to be updated but here’s an overview:


  • Anyone with an Indian address can participate!

    You only need to be able to ship and receive a gift to an Indian address to participate.

  • The price limit is Rs. 1000

    Based on the poll we ran earlier, this seems to be a middle ground between prohibitively expensive and so-cheap-that-its-pointless gifts. You should try and be around this price point.

    We’ll provide a guide on what/where to buy board game stuff in India. It doesn’t necessarily have to be like a full board game (which is usually pretty expensive). Time to get creative!

  • The deadline for signups is 13th December

    We will close signups on 13th December and start making random pairings. While signing up we will ask for your address/contact information so we can share that with your santa privately so they can ship the gift to you. We will also ask if there is something you specifically would like to share with your santa.

  • You will be assigned a santee on 14th December

    You will randomly be assigned someone else who has signed up.

  • You are expected to have your gift delivered before December 31st

    Ideally aim for December 25th, but you are welcome to ship it well before that if you feel like.

  • If you don’t send a gift

    Firstly, booo! While we can’t really do anything about this, it’s not really in the spirit of Secret Santa.

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