Welcome to the Lands of Loorou! We have wikies!

Well, a wiki (singular). More than one wiki would just be silly. The wiki can be found here.

The Lands of Loorou is the much-foretold persistent Campaign Setting within which D&D 5E games (and possibly certain other systems) will be run in Bangalore. This is the setting of the Faction Metagame and the Influx. It will be built out by DMs and through gameplay over the various Reroll TTRPG events. The wiki will be updated on an ongoing basis with in-game events and discoveries but also whenever DMs feel like contributing lore to the Lands.

The Lands of Loorou are too sparsely populated to have a central government, although the rulers of each of the four large urban centres of the Lands (Cordonis, Orvain, Elphindale and Xarth) form a loose conglomeration called the Council of Loorou.

Feel free to wander around the wiki and visit a few of the pages that have already been created. You could visit locations like the town of Elphindale or the city of Orvain. Maybe you have need of the kind of assistance that mercenary bands like the Sundered or the Crimson Fists can provide. Maybe you want to join up and do some roistering. Maybe you seek after obscure knowledge of the kind that is hoarded at Starfall Academy or the Arcaeum Orbis.

If you want to flip through everything that’s been created so far, visit the Index of Everything.

There are fortunes to be made and legends to be written in the Lands of Loorou. Your destiny awaits!


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