Torrnets & Torment | D&D 5e | 25th June | Watson's Indiranagar |

You pull your coat tighter, as you walk down the road to a gathering of people standing in the middle of this harsh, relentless torrent. Guards usher others out of your way, shouting at them to take shelter in their homes, letting your Team through. “Fourth one dead like this”, you hear from one of the guards shaking their head, “The captain shouldn’t have let them go free”.

You stare at the bloated and bloodless body tarnishing the well-paved street, an unnatural stench coming from it.‘How could they be doing this, and why? Right when they just got their freedom’. It is up to you to find out now.

This is a beginner-friendly adventure suited for Level 3 to 5 characters (table preference). This will be touching creepy and dark themes in a Noir-film inspired style. There will have a healthy mix of exploration, combat and roleplaying. And maybe some /Detective-ing/

Date and time 25 June, 12pm
Place Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting D&D 5e
Safety/content tool X-Cards, Lines and Veils
Warning This adventure has themes of body horror, gore, blood, loss and mind control
Character creation Level 3 to 5 Pregenerated Characters or Custom Characters by players
Number of players 5 players
Slots Filled 0/5

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