The Watcher in the Rain | D&D 5E | June 25th | Watson's Indranagar

The farming town of Hoppington is no stranger to torrential downpours at the end of summer. And off season rains are not uncommon either. But a week long unrelenting downpour during the off season is definitely unnatural. And the multiple reports of residents seeing a shadowy figure with blazing orange eyes accompanied by eerie wails and moans, seemingly appearing and disappearing around town as if stalking its residents is definitely alarming. And, last night’s report of the figure casually lifting a full grown horse and slinging it over its shoulder as it disappears into the rain is down right horrifying.
As such the town’s folk put together a sizeable bounty on this creature, claiming it is connected to the unnatural rains as well, and have tasked any able adventurers to help lift the town of this apparent curse. And thats where you fine folks come in…

This is a rules light beginner friendly game with room for a lot of shenanigans, chaos and possibly even horror. There will have a healthy mix of roleplay and combat.

Date and time 25th June, 12pm
Place Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting D&D 5e
Safety/content tool Line & Veils; X-card
Character creation Lvl 3 characters. You can make your own or pick out a pregen character sheet which will be available at the table
Number of players 4-6

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