The Rains of Neverlost | A Numenera Adventure | 25th June 2023 Watson's Indiranagar

Past the never-conquered castle of Neverlost, past the surrounding Jabbunaran fields, hidden in the crags of a forbidden hill. There is a swirling pyramid, cloaked in legend, appearing only at night and promising great strength and vitality to any who lay hands on it. A young man finds it, late at night…and days later, the rains begin.
The Iron Rains. Horrfying, mutating storms that vaporize rock, that turn trees and grass into snakes, bread, glass and tentacles. That warp human flesh itself, leaving its victims to die slow, horrible deaths trapped in unfamiliar forms. They have begun to fall - but no one knows why.
Find your sanctuary in Neverlost. Discover the secrets of the pyramid. And find a way to stop the rains, before the world as you know is washed away into the devastatingly unfamiliar.

The Rains of Neverlost is a Numenera Adventure - a roleplaying system like Dungeons & Dragons, but one that leans heavily into strange, inexplicable and wondrous sci-fi elements. The game is beginner-welcoming, and all character sheets will be provided for the players at the game itself, as well as guidance for how to play.

Date and time 25th June, 12pm
Place Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting Numenera
Safety/content tool Lines & Veils, the X-Card
Character creation pre-generated by the GM
Number of players 5/5 Players Booked

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Me+4 will be joining! I’ll confirm if one more person can join.