The Looking for Players (LFP) Thread

(Important: This is a thread for organisers wanting to run a game. There is a separate thread for players looking for games, here.)

So you want to run a game? Awesome. We’ve been waiting for you.

When you are making a post in this thread, please make sure you give players the following information upfront (you may copy and paste the table below to make it easier)

Date and time Please put in the date and the day of the week that the game is going to be held, as well as the proposed time of day
Place Please let people know the location where the game is happening. Games can also happen online. Add a google pin/link if you feel like it
System and Setting Please provide a short write up about the system you want to run and the setting. Let people know if the game is a one shot or a longer campaign
Character creation Specify if you will be providing characters, running character creation for players, or expect players to bring their own characters
Number of players needed Simple enough. Let people know how many players you want to have at your table. Consider also specifying character levels if appropriate, and whether your game is newbie friendly
  • All content in an LFG post and/or listing must be PG-13 in nature (game description, username, pictures, etc.)
  • Any games intended for audiences 18+ must be marked as such
  • Do not advertise games more than a month before their start time
  • Refrain from “bumping” posts (i.e. replying to a thread solely to bring it to the top and providing no new information)
  • Please reply or update the post with details once the game is full.

Message @shazworth or @nerfherder if you have any questions. We’re here to help.

Also, you are welcome to join the Bangalore TTRPG Whatsapp group if you haven’t already ( but be warned that, like all Whatsapp groups, the signal-noise ratio is not great.


Hello! I’m interested to join this game. I’m a beginner but I have a good understanding of the rules and would like to use one of the pregenerated characters.
Let me know


Awesome. Will move the conversation to DMs.

Edit: In case the conversation above looks a bit weird, I deleted the original LFP post since it’s been postponed. To clean up the thread. I’ll repost when I’m sure of the new time/date for the game.