The Looking for a Game (LFG) Thread

(Important: This is a thread for Players looking for a Game. There is a separate thread for GMs/DMs looking for Players, here.)

So you want to play a Tabletop Roleplaying Game (TTRPG)? That’s great! So do we!

As a first step, please post below with the following information.

  • Your name
  • Any prior TTRPG experience (we are extremely newbie-friendly. This info mainly helps to match games to players)
  • Locations in Bangalore you’re willing to travel to for a game
  • Broad indication of when you’re available to play (eg. Weekdays after 8PM, Weekends - afternoon onwards)

Next, check the Looking for Players (LFP) thread here to see if there’s a game available that looks interesting to you, and reply to the game post to express your interest.

Also, look out for announcements for the regular Reroll and Adventurer’s League events where there will be games available. Announcements will be posted in the Events forum as well as in the LFP thread. The announcements will let you know how to sign up for each event. If it’s taking you time to find a game, let us know. We’ll find you something.

Feel free to post here as well if you have any questions, however basic you think they may be. You can also message @shazworth or @nerfherder directly. We’re here to help.

Also, you are welcome to join the Bangalore TTRPG Whatsapp group if you haven’t already ( but be warned that, like all Whatsapp groups, the signal-noise ratio is not great.

Happy adventuring!


Replying so that you have a template, but also because I’d love to play in other DM/GM’s games.

  • Siddhartha
  • Am a ForeverDM for various D&D 5E games, but haven’t played in many games. Still consider myself a bit of a n00b
  • Am in the Frazer Town area and can travel to North Bangalore (Hennur, Banaswadi, Hebbal etc.) CBD, Indiranagar area and Koramangala area for games
  • Can play weekdays after 8


I’m Ashish.

Haven’t played much and trying to be DM for my friends but eager to be a player on other tables. Familiar with 5E.

Prefer games in the Bellandur/Sarjapur/HSR area.

Weekdays post 8/Weekends.

  • Shank

  • Have run a few one-shots as DM and played a few one-shots as well, know the basic rules and can create characters

  • Willing to travel almost anywhere to game location if need be, prefer Indiranagar if possible

  • Can play almost all days except Monday, just need an advance notice to reach the location

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