The Last Love Letters of Ligna Amoris | Feb 26 | 12 PM

Everyone in Ligna Amoris knows the stories. Six couples. A town founded on the strength of their love, love that is forever immortalized by six trees whose magic protects the town of Ligna Amoris and the people who reside there. Every year, that love is honoured, a festival amongst the trees - and where the spirits who live at the roots of the trees grant one lucky couple a special wish.
Not all is as it appears in Ligna Amoris, however. Something malevolent has been stirring in the dark. What is the mysterious spirit thathas been seen attacking the trees? Why have waves of hatred, fear, and resentment been infesting the town? And why have no marriages have happened in the settlement for the past decade, nor any relationship lasted for longer than a year?
It will take a brave adventurer to face the challenges of the night. The Last Love Letters of Ligna Amoris need delivering - and there are secrets waiting at their final destination, deep in the roots.

This will be an involved mystery solving game, where themes of love, relationships, and what makes them work will be explored…and many traps, dangers and pitfalls to be found on the way to discovering the truth! It’s beginner-friendly for first-time D&D players - everything you need will be provided at the table.

Tickets can be found here: Love Letter - A Dungeons & Dragons adventure with ReRoll Board Games

Date and time 26 Feb, 12pm
Place Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting D&D 5E
Safety/content tool Lines & Veils, X-Card
Character creation Level 3 characters will be made by the Games Master
Number of players The game welcomes up to 6 players

Current players: 6/6

Drop a reply below if you want to participate in this adventure!

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Hi, I’m interested in joining! I’m a relatively new DM who’s been DMing for a couple of other beginner groups, but I’ve never been a PC before.

Hello! Happy to have you in as a player - one thing to note, though, the event has been moved to February 26th. If you can still make it then, I’ll put you down for a seat!

I can’t make 26th unfortunately. Good luck for the event though!

Also any ideas to find an offline D&D (or any TTRPG) group and play a campaign in Bangalore?

You might want to check out the Desis and Dragons discord server, here!

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@Armaan_Babu Hi Armaan, my partner and I would like to sign up for this! Do we need to book tickets on ticketmaster later?

Happy to figure out character creation with you, or work with your pre gen characters instead. We both know 5e reasonably well (watch a lot and have played on and off). Looking forward to it!

Hi, aforementioned partner here :slight_smile: excited, signed up!

Tickets to go up soon, I’ll post a link here as soon as they are!

I have you and your partner registered as players, and while there will be pre-generated characters available at the table, we can figure out character creation for the both of you seperately if you prefer! Are you on Discord?

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Thanks @Armaan_Babu! I’ve pinged you on Discord.

Hi! Tickets don’t seem to be up yet, but I’d love to be a part of this game! Are spots open?

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There are, yes! Marking you down.

Tickets available here!

Hi Armaan, my wife and I would love to join this. Do you have 2 slots open?

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Hello, yes! I’ll slot you guys in.

Cool. That would be Rahul and Jacquelline. With regards to characters, we’ll make our own. Any suggestions?

We are thinking wizard and ranger

That works just fine!

Heya, would love to be a part of this. :slight_smile:

Ah, I just noticed it says 6/6 current players. No worries.

Hey everyone! Really sorry, but I’m running late. Should get there by 12:15.