Pride and Prejudices | Good Society| Nov 25

Dear friend,
I write to you in agonies, certain that my life as I know it is no more. The object of my affection has begun paying marked attention to another, and I do not know how I shall face the scrutiny of polite society who have been expecting daily the announcement of our engagement. How shall I ever live down such a shameful scandal? I await your reply with much eagerness; I know you will tell me how to proceed.

Your character walks a fine line, balancing their greatest secrets and desires against the expectations of the society that binds them. In a charming country town just three days’ journey from the nearest metropolis, you navigate social events and visitations in an attempt to achieve your goals without damaging the reputation you hold in the eyes of polite society.

This game is based on Good Society, a collaborative regency RPG which recreates the world of Jane Austen’s England, with amendments and augmentations as decided by the players at the table.

NOTE: This game is 99% ROLEPLAY. Come prepared to put on your melodramatic boots, try out terrible accents and declare feelings of desire, disdain and despair at a table with good friends or total strangers. You need to have no prior RPG experience, but must be at least a little into storytelling!

Date and time 25 Nov, 12pm
Place Bohemians Indiranagar
System and Setting Good Society - A Jane Austen Roleplaying Game
Safety/content tool Lines and Veils
Character creation Select from existing Character Archetypes
Number of players 4-5

Current players: 0/5

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