Look at me! | D&D 5e | 26 Feb | Watson’s Indiranagar

As the Adventurers sail near the shores;
In their merchant ship from yonder;
They pick up a “ Message in a bottle “,
That leaves many to ponder.

It reads so…

“Risen from darkness, a maiden,
A plaything of the gods;
No one applauds when i arrive,
That I am even alive!

I shatter hope,
Feed the winds with stone;
Flay the prejudiced,
And watch as they turn to earth with their soul.

The power courses through my veins,
I know they’ll take me soon;
But in the meanwhile,
I will make the most of every passing moon.

Yet, never shall you have your rule over me,
Never shall i tremble or flinch from your power,
Never shall i yield my home in my heart,
And from my tears shall spring, flowers of scour.

And though i am betrayed,
Before i fade,
It’s my crusade,
To make history.

Look at me. “

This is a home brewed D&D One shot adventure for upto 4 players.
The players are requested to make a Level 3 character for the game, and for those who are new, pregen character sheets will be provided.

Date and time 26 Feb, 12pm
Place Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting D&D 5e
Safety/content tool safety/content tools and warnings
Character creation pregen available, players can create Lvl 3 characters for the game
Number of players 3/4

Current players:

Drop a reply below if you want to participate in this adventure!

Hey Helm! I’d love to join the game!

Welcome. You can make a lvl3 character with starting equipment and add one potion of healing to your inventory. If you need help with character creation, let me know.

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You can use the below link to create your characters and i can print them for you for the event.


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I’d like to join this game.

Hi, welcome. You can use the above link to create a lvl 3 character. If you need help with it, let me know.

Hello helm! I’m interested in joining your game!

Hello and welcome nikhil. Use the above mentioned link to create a new character at lvl 3.

This is my character.

Splendid. This works.

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Hello folks, can you all click on “Sign up” just on top of the thread.