Introduction Thread!

Hi everyone! I’m Sayantani, aka EssPee. I’m new here, and I’ve never played D&D, but I’d like to learn!


Hi, I’m Gowtham from Bangalore ( CV Raman Nagar ) ….I took part in the Tabletop Thursday event , organized by rerollblr at Lahe Lahe ( Bangalore ) last night…I enjoyed it thoroughly…I would love to be part of this amazingly cool community…I played board games like Coup, Avlon, Code names and Words on the street… I’m excited about playing more of such fun games.

Looking forward for a great journey ahead !!!

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Hello! I, Diana) love to play different games) from board games to video games. I hope to meet like-minded people on this forum, learn something new and maybe share my experience

Hi My Name is Harsha Subbanna
I work In Board Games Bazaar and Mozaic Games as a Board game designer
i also take part in events arranged By VIPO
we at board game bazaar is always available to host events if people are interested to join us at Basaweswar Nagar

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Hey All, This is John from Chennai. Glad to be part of this community.

Pretty new to board games as a hobby. Still figuring out what type of a gamer I am, and what type of games I like. Made a lot of rookie mistakes and learnt a lot from the whatsapp and telegram group meeple geeks. Overall, a quite an interesting experience in learning new stuff. Its been a ride of interesting discoveries ever since. Also I seem to be prefering heavy thematic games for now.

What I love about board games is, it kind of makes us relive as if we are in it. The best experential learning with optimum abstractness possible in a non technology way. Bgs should be made compulsary as part of school and college curriculums. Look forward to more such interesting discussions on DM.

I am an aspiring game designer too, and currently working on my cybersecurity card game, started as a training aid, then realized if it could be made into a fun game, that would be super cool.

Apart from board games, its jigsaw puzzles occasionally, off lately audio books, more usual is moveis, music and books both fiction and non fiction.

Take care, play well, do well. See you around!!

Would love to try this out! I didn’t like Cards against Containers, but been wanting to try out Elevation of Privileges for a while.

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I have elevation of privileges, if you are into PnP, there is a version from Microsoft and also in the blog of Adam Shostack. Will check out cards against containers. Mine game idea is more focussed on critical infrastructure cybersecurity. :smile:

Hi everyone! I’m Poorna, I recently moved to Bangalore for work. I love music and reading. (especially high fantasy)
I am new to TTRPG But I’m obsessed with D&D after watching a couple actual play shows, would love to play more, so let me know if I can get in on any games in the near future! :slight_smile: <3

Hey everyone,
I’m Milind, new to banglore and was looking for fun events to go spend time
thats how I ended up here, I haven’t really played many board games before
tho I have played card games like Inscryption, Yu-gi-oh, legends of runeterra and stacklands
Looking to find new games to play and people to hangout with
Hit me up if you wanna talk about video games, manga, or wanna go to an escape room in the weekends

I’m Rujul.

I’m fairly new to board games. But I’m looking forward to learning and playing with the community.
You can talk to me about new books you’ve read, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, new places for food or anything else.

Hi My name is Suraj. I am so fond of Board games. I make it a point to buy 1 and gift to my niece and nephew.

Hello :wave:
I am Mustafa Owner of SHPAZZ MART,

I love Strategy/Bluffing games, Also am open to other genres of games as well,
If you are in Bangalore do drop at our place and say hi!, I love meeting new people :cowboy_hat_face:

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I’m Tara, I live in Bangalore and I’m a big fan of DnD! I’ve played in 2 campaigns that kinda fizzled out so my experience is just from watching DnD shows (Following campaign 2 of Critical role right now!). It’s really fun to create characters I can project on and watch them progress (or get worse), and it’s been a fun way to make friends! Plus I need inspiration to draw, and DnD really scratches the itch :slight_smile: I haven’t tried many board games but I’m excited to participate.

Hi Board Gamers
My name is Harsha and I am a board game designer and an enthusiast. I like to play the games learn mechanism and get the fun part of a game to adopt for my games to design.
works in Board Games Bazaar as Game Design Analyst for Mozaic Games . you can pitch your games to me design and manufacturing related queries

Im Nitin. New to Bangalore.

Im interested in TTRPGS. I want to be a part/DM a D&D game

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Welcome! We have a TRPG event once a month on a Sunday. You can see the previous ones at Events - ReRoll Forums

We should have August’s event up soon!