Holiday Gifting Guide 2019

We’ll keep this list updated over the next few days

Planning to gift something board game themed but don’t want to spend ₹₹₹ on big boxed games? Stuck on what to get for Secret Santa?

Here’s a guide to find boardgame-related things in India for ~ Rs. 1000.

Board Games

Straight up board games that are around this budget that you can get from Indian sellers.

This is not an exhaustive list but a list of games/retailers we know and recommend.


Bored Game Company

Amazon India

Print & Play (PnP)

Why buy games when you can download the PDFs/Images of games to print and cut yourself?

Note: We don’t encourage making PnPs of games that don’t explicitly allow you to print it yourself

Indian Games


Sometimes the best gift is an board game accessory that people wouldn’t buy themselves.


  • Card sleeves (you’ll need to know which game to get the right size)
  • Playmats
  • Dice sets (for Dungeons & Dragons, for example)
  • Dice trays
  • Dice towers
  • Token replacements (like metal coins)
  • Token storage

Places to buy accessories

Amazon India - Dice sets, XXL Mousepads (as a playmat which we recommended earlier)
Bored Game Company - Card Sleeves, Dice sets, Dice trays, etc
Boardway - Card Sleeves

Get Creative

Board Games don’t get the same sort of love that other hobbies/interests too, especially in India - so making custom merchandise like a t-shirt, poster, stickers, etc that are board game themed are great ideas!

BoardGameGeek has an excellent thread on all the DIY things you could do -