Board game play mats - AmazonBasics' Extended Mousepad

AmazonBasics’ Extended Mousepad makes for an excellent (and cheap) play mat for board games.

Each mousepad is ~36in by ~12in (3ft by 1ft), which is ideal because most standard dining tables are 3 feet in width, so you can join these mats and cover your entire table.

The edges of the mat aren’t stitched (like other brands) so you can line up without any seams or gaps. The corners fo the mousepad are rounded so as long as you join them along their sides (as opposed to tiling them like a 2x2 grid) you won’t see any gaps.

They are around 3mm thick so it’s great for protecting your components even if people slide them around. They are squishy enough to pick up cards easily and roll dice without scratching (or making much noise). Sleeved cards with sharp corners occasionally catch the fabric on top, but it’s very occasional and only when sliding at certain angles.

Me and @Ishira_Bhattacharya and a few others at ReRoll use them and quite like it.

They’ve gone out of stock a few times. Here’s the link on Amazon India:

Great idea. Ordering a couple today!