[Full] The Steampunk Job | Blades in the Dark

Welcome to Duskval

A game about a group of daring scoundrels building a criminal enterprise on the haunted streets of an industrial-fantasy city.

There will be heists, chases, escapes, dangerous bargains, bloody skirmishes, deceptions, betrayals, victories, and deaths…Probably. We play to find out if a fledgling crew can thrive amidst the teeming threats of rival gangs, powerful noble families, vengeful ghosts, the Bluecoats of the City Watch, the siren song of the scoundrels’ own vices and ever relentless Death Wardens.

Date and time 26th January @ 4pm to 7pm
Place Watson’s (Indiranagar)
System and Setting Blades in the Dark
Character creation Done at the table (You can familiarize yourself with the setting bellow)
Add. Info https://bladesinthedark.com/sites/default/files/blades_playerkit_v8_2.pdf
Number of players 5-6

Current players:
@G1.Jeevan @Kshema_Kurup @zammy @sydmo @Shreshth_Varshney

Drop a reply below if you want to participate in this adventure!

HI there, I would like to join this game!

I’d like to join this game

With @sydmo and @Shreshth_Varshney, this adventure is full!