[FULL] The Eagle Gang Avengers | Jhandgaon: Improv Fantasy | 4 gang members required | 7th August 11am - 2pm

​Hello, Bangaloreans! :grin:

​​​Are you ready for an action-packed getaway to Jhandgaon? :game_die:

​In this game, you (questionable) heroes are members of recently decimated Eagle gang. Your rivals, Bichoo gang, on this very night have rendered you underdogs in fell swoop. You & your gang must embark on a crazy night out, to deal with the aftermath — action, drama, and foolishness ensues! :clapper:

​​​What is Jhandgaon?

​​​Jhandgaon is a gritty, small town in the state of Uttarajhand. It’s a campy, over-the-top, 90s Indian cinema based setting that’s meant to entertain more than strategise. It’s a game that moves forward on the premise of role-playing, improv & collaborative storytelling. This is very beginner-friendly game since the focus is on getting into role-playing and character antics rather than mechanics.

7th August - 11am onwards
Watson’s Indiranagar
System: Custom improv fantasy system
Characters: Preset character options given on sign-up, can design a custom character, (you can private message me to understand how to go about that)!
Number of players: 2 min - 4 max

Current players: 4/4
Players: @Garima + 1, @Nischal_Mohan, Rishi

Drop a reply below if you want to participate in this adventure or want more details!

Im interested if its happening! :smiley:

It’s definitely happening! Will count you in.

I may not attend the event, pls dont count me anymore. Dont want to waste a slot