[Full] Ruby in the Rough | D&D 5E adventure

Your group has taken up commission by a noble from Cordonis to find a fabled stone called the Dusktear - a large ruby.

You must gather together a guide, an archeologist and set upon an expedition into the Cordonade to find this storied treasure. Completing this task will give you gold and fame, but also favour in Cordonis.

Your tale starts in Cordonis as your party gathers at the Sticky Dagger, a popular dive, at dusk to meet your client.

Date and time Sunday, 26th of January @ 12pm to 4pm
Place Watson’s Indiranagar (Reroll Dnd Event)
System and Setting D&d 5th edition ruleset. There is only one rule at our table: Don’t be a dick
Character creation Characters will be printed out based on this form. Please fill it out and inform me (@Shazworth) and we will finish the characters at the table.
Number of players needed Five level 3 characters needed. Newbies welcome!

Current players: @kadambpa @Ephraim @Korg @atreyi14 @Keshav_Mittal
Feel free to DM @Shazworth about questions about the game before playing. Please reply below or message me to be added to the game.

This game is now full. See you at the event!

I’d like to join too please

I’d like to be added please

Done! I’ve also added you to the message group

Hi, I’d like to join this group, but I’m a complete newbie, I hope that’s ok!

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That’s A-ok, Keshav. I’ll add you to the group.

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