[FULL] A Familiar Quandary | D&D 5E | 7 Aug, 2 PM - 5PM

Your beloved wizard Mister Taberknack, seems to have gotten himself into a bit of a fix while preparing his latest concoction. Seeing his life in dire straits, the other animal companions and you have been tasked with reversing the effect, and saving the eccentric wizard.

Character Creation:
Character Options:
Bat, cat, crab, frog (toad), hawk, lizard, octopus, owl, poisonous snake, fish (quipper), rat, raven, sea horse, spider, or weasel.

  1. Choose a creature from the above list of familiars
  2. Choose a form type for yourself: celestial, fey, or fiend
  3. Taberknack loves providing for his pets. How does your pet enclosure look like? (Eg. Pimped up tank, cage, tent, etc.)
Date and time 7 Aug, 2 PM - 5PM
Place Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting DnD5e
Character creation Pre-gens will be provided
Number of players 4

Current players: 4/4
Players: Ankush + 1, Oshin + 1