[Full] A Clandestine Coincidence | D&D 5E Adventure

A quiet afternoon at the Sige’s Excellent Alehouse in the city of Cordonis turns upside down when your party inadvertently finds itself bang in the middle of a smuggling plot. The factions of Loorou are up to something with possibly disastrous consequences. Will you be the one to stop it?

An adventure for new/beginner players. Doesn’t matter if you have never played before, this adventure will get you familiar with the basics of D&D!

Date and time Sunday, 26th December - 11am to 3pm
Place Watson’s Indiranagar (Event Link)
System and Setting D&D 5th edition ruleset
Character creation to be added
Number of players Five level 3 characters needed. Newbies welcome!

Current players: @sanjaymaru, @Suma, @Rahul, @nish_d, @rahban

Drop a reply below if you want to participate in this adventure!

Hi I’d like to join this campaign

I want to join this campaign

Hi, I’d like to join this adventure

Hi, I’d like to join this adventure.

Please include me as well.

Hi, I’d like to join this adventure

Hi I’d like to join this too

I would like to join this

We’ve closed registrations for this adventure.
Pending confirmation from @nish_d and @rahban (check your PMs!) (Update: They’ve confirmed)

@nihar1024 is moving to Hammerfall (cc: @Rahil_Hussain)

@ShankMugen, @TITAN_MIK I’d suggest checking out Hammerfall if you want another D&D that starts around the same time.

Wanted a game that ended at 3, all other games end at 4, but it’s fine

Yes actually I had been hoping for a morning slot that finished at 3pm as well, because I’ve also signed up for A Serendipitous Sighting | D&D 5E Adventure | 5 adventurers wanted which begins at 3pm. Is there any slot available for anything that ends at 3? If not then please could you just keep me in mind if one opens up thanks.