Fluke | Goblin Quest | 4 adventurers required | 26 June, 11 AM - 2 PM | Online - Discord

GM Name: Fluke

About The Game:

Goblin Quest: In a game of fatal ineptitude, you will each play a group of Goblins (one at a time) trying to achieve something simple in wacky ways and failing to do so. It’s not a game about winning; there are no points for surviving the longest, or achieving the most goals. The aim of the game is to have fun with your friends, in fact you get mechanical advantage if you make your friends laugh. Even if all the goblins fail in their quest, if you’ve had fun losing, that still counts.

Date & Time: 26 June, 11 AM - 2 PM
Place: Discord - https://desisndragons.com/discord
System & Setting: Goblin Quest
Content Warnings: Violence, death, language.
Safety Tools: X-Card

Character Creation:

It will be done at the table. There’s some drawing (not required but highly encouraged) so I’ll bring color pencils and sketchpens. It’s supposed to be slapstick comedy, fart jokes and carrying a sockpuppet around that’s been passed down through generations of your goblin ancestors as the Sockpuppet of Much Wisdom and Entertainment.

No. of Players: up to 4.

Join the Desis & Dragons Discord server through this link: https://desisndragons.com/discord and tag me on there with @fluke so that I can get you set up.

" A new day dawns on the Great Battle Camp. The orcs march in the square outside their barracks, the hobgoblins file and crossreference in the Grey Wards, the bugbears plot and scheme in the Dun Inn. Above it all, the Black Tower of the wizards stands proud, holding the wicked sorcerer-generals that command the army to The War.

And underfoot, in the dank caverns under the world, in the Green Pits, spawn the goblins. The goblins are bred for war, for cannon fodder, for hopeless attacks, for death.

You are a goblin. You have a week to live and you are going to make a mark. You are going to undertake… A GOBLIN QUEST."

This is a fun short game where you get to play a set of silly characters. Some of the sheets from a recent online game.

Hey, I’m interested! Any spot still available?

Hey Pranav there is a spot. But unfortunately the event is going to be rescheduled. I will be running an online session on Discord if you’re interested at the same time. The server can be accessed through this link: https://desisndragons.com/discord