Critical Role Episode #100 Watch Party - 3rd July, 7:30 AM

Critical Role announced they are returning for episode 100 this week after a hiatus due to Covid. So as The Mighty Nein prepare for their next adventure, we wanted to share this moment with our fellow Critters in India by organizing a watch party!

The broadcast will start at 7:30AM, Friday June 3rd, and we invite all of you to join is on our Discord server to chat with fellow critters in India as we watch the live stream on twitch.

To join, just click this big button :

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For those who don’t follow Critical Role, they are a bunch of nerdy-ass voice actors who sit around and play Dungeons & Dragons and livestream it on You’re welcome to join us if you are all caught up (or don’t mind the spoilers of jumping into Episode 100 directly)

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