[cancelled]Get Gnarly [D&d 5e] [12pm to 4pm] [5 adventurers needed]

The Ramblers have put up camp near Elphindale and are going about their rambunctious way of extorting ‘costs’ out of the locals. You meet up with the old shaman of the group , a Dwarf by the name of Grilbo Bottomstank.

Grilbo has a task for you: He needs you all to recover an individual known only as Gnarl the Sonorous and bring her back into the fold. For this task, the Ramblers offer you riches and the coveted honour of attending their long awaited day of festivities. You may haggle though.

An adventure that is meant to introduce new players to D&d 5e and let you experience the core pillars of gameplay: exploration, social interaction and combat. You will be helping the Ramblers, a faction in the world of Loorou, in achieving their goal.

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| Time and Place Sunday, 29rd March- 12pm to 4pm|
|Place [Reroll x Lands of Loorou Event][Cancelled] Dungeons & Dragons - Sunday, 29th March - Indiranagar, Bangalore), Watson’s Indiranagar
|System and Setting D&d 5e, Lands of Loorou Setting
|Character creation 3rd level pregens to be provided by me. some character creation will happen at the table.
|Number of players 5 (newbies welcome)

Current players:

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