[cancelled][FULL] The curse of Legends | D&D 5e | Online/Roll20 |

A mysterious note delivered at your doorstep in the middle of the night requests your presence at Prof. Templeton’s Manor in the Vivli District of the City of Duthlorien on Sunday, the 22nd of March. As seasoned adventurers within this city of Duthlorien, you are very familiar with the crazy and eccentric stories relating to Dr. Templeton but decide to investigate anyways. The adventure picks up as you make your way through the city towards the Vivli District.

The game is beginner friendly but as a DM I am fairly new to virtual Tabletop games as well. Its going to be a fun journey for both of us. This adventure is suited for Level 3 characters.

Date and time 22 March 2020, 4PM- 7PM
Place www.Roll20.net and Discord for voice chat. Links will be shared with the participating members
System and Setting D&D 5e
Character creation Bring your own Level 3 characters (if you have a Dndbeyond character sheet, please share that with me) or we can provide some pregen options for you
Number of players 5 member party. [GAME FULL]

Current players:

@Flaura_Shukla @yudistrange @Prawn @Harshal_Patel @Siddharthkr93

Drop a reply below if you want to participate in this adventure!

I would like to be part of this adventure? How do I sign up?
Also this is the first time I am playing DnD. Don’t have a character setup, not familiar with the rules either.

Hi, total D&D newbie here, but would love to participate in this adventure!

Hey Udit,

Welcome to the game. We have you covered so no issues if you haven’t played before.

My Whatsapp number is

Mobile No.


Kindly ping me there once so I can take you through the basics and setting up your character. Also we will try using the whatsapp group call to connect all players for audio during the game.

Hope you have fun playing today.

Hi there,

Welcome to the game. I’ll go ahead and add you to the adventure. Do you have any preferences to what kind of character you would want to play.

If possible, could you please ping me on whatsapp on this number

Mobile No.


We can go over your character creation before the game and try and connect the audio for the game through whatsapp call.

Hey, complete DnD noob here but I would love to get started with the game. Can I join?

Hi Harshal,

Welcome. Most definitely you can join the game. Kindly ping me on whatsapp on this number

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We can get started on creating the character for you.


Hey, I want to join in too, though I am a total newb. Never played DnD before.

Hey Siddharth,

Welcome to the game. No worries if this is your first game. I will guide you throughout the process.

Please ping me on whatsapp on the following number. We can go over the character creation process

Mobile No.



@Siddharthkr93 , @yudistrange , @Harshal_Patel , @Prawn , @Flaura_Shukla

The link for the game is here


I will share the link for the discord on the chat room when u all join. If there is any difficulty in accessing you can ping me on whatsapp