[cancelled][Full] Diamondbacks Episode I: Pest Control | D&D 5E | Online/Roll20 | This game is full

For a newly-minted band of adventurers, you’ve already got the most important thing out of the way - a cool name. Now it’s time to go out into Loorou and make your fortunes.

Wait, does anyone know how to light a campfire?

Folks, this is a starter adventure specifically target at newbie players, being run by a DM who is a newbie to running games online. I’ve deliberately set it up so a lot of the beginning decisions about character creation etc. have already been taken for you. All you have to do is select a character from the list below and log in to the server.

Join the Diamondbacks as they try to get up to epic adventures in Loorou, if the DM does not fail too hard at Roll20.

The Diamondbacks are:

  • [Taken] Cythera Proudmourne - Level 1 Half-Orc Warlock
  • [Taken] Deven McTavish - Level 1 Halfling Wizard
  • [Taken] Tomorric Ul-Shien - Level 1 Dragonborn Monk
  • [Taken] Twyll the Knife - Level 1 Dwarf Druid
  • [Taken] Yocanda Lafarsh - Level 1 Human Fighter
Date and time Sunday March 22, 1PM-4PM
Place www.Roll20.net and Hangouts for voice chat. Links will be shared in due course
System and Setting D&D 5E. Lands of Loorou setting, although the adventure doesn’t use the setting much
Character creation Pregenerated. Select your character from the list above
Number of players 1 newbie adventurer

Current players: @ArvindhSundar @shardo @hashfyre @Yash @Megalith

Drop a reply below if you want to participate in this adventure!

I nominate myself for the role of Yocanda Lafarsh .

Done, Sir.

Random characters to fill up minimum.

Any chance you could throw up a ranger? And a name change to Masha Sur?

Profuse apologies, but no. I’m still figuring out Roll20 setup and I doubt I’ll have time to have everything organised for a new character.

Cool che. Diamondback fighter at the ready.

Hi, I’d like to be Deven McTavish if he’s not already taken!


More characters because rules.

Hi, I’ll play as the Dwarf Druid, Twyll the Knife.

Yup done.

[More pointless text]

My first time here and I know very little about D&D. If that’s okay, I would like to pick Tomorric UI-Shien.

Hey @Yash. You were beaten by like 5 seconds. Ok with playing Cythera?

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Sure. Cythera Proudmourne, it is!

Ok. Game is full then.

@yash, @LincolnLawyer would you PM me your whatsapp numbers please. For coordination

Sorry, just found out I won’t be available for the game. Let someone else take my character, thanks!

No worries. Thanks for the heads up.

Hi, I just saw this and am interested to join if a slot is still available. Newbie tho

Yes, there is a slot available. You’ll be playing Tomorric. Please PM me your whatsapp number for coordination.

We are now full (again)