[cancelled][Full] An Honest Life [D&D 5e][12pm-4pm]

Your search for adventure brings you to the offices of The Sunrise Corporation, although a newcomer to the market, they are determined to make a splash in the world. They tell you of a highly skilled individual who’d been a part of their company but had left due to certain creative differences. Your task(for which you’ll be paid handsomely) will be to find the individual and return them into the fold.

This will be a rather perilous adventure with lots of opportunities for role-playing and combat and the task you carry out (whether you fail or succeed) will have direct repercussions for the larger story arc in Loorou.

Date and time 29th March
Place Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting D&D 5e
Character creation Bring your 5th LvL characters(if unfamiliar a pre-gen will be assigned to you.) Any Published Material except for Ebberron is valid.
Number of players 5 players [Full]
Roles available:-


This is the person specializing in smacking people over the head, tying people up, knocking down doors, etc.

Safe Cracker-

This is the specialist responsible for drilling through vault doors, cracking open a safe, etc.

Cat Burglar-

This is the person specializing in breaking and entering, sneaking past motion detectors undetected(You might encounter them, yes), etc.

Smooth Operator-

The smooth operator specializes in talking their way past human obstacles. Smooth operators think on their feet and do not usually require special items.


Knowledge of meds and ability to use magic healing.

Current players:
@Korg @draught_of_peace @kadambpa @atreyi14 @Ephraim

Drop a reply below if you want to participate in this adventure!

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I would like to play in this adventure

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Would like to play the charecter I have played in Lands of Luru before a Fire Genasi life cleric (will just up level).
I believe @draught_of_peace will be playing a Paladin or warlock. @Korg would also like to join a a raging bear totum Barbarian. That should take care of Brute and Healer. Guessing we need a bard and rogue :slight_smile:

Also please add @atreyi14 playing asimar rogue and @Ephraim playing half elf bard for the cat burglar type and smooth operator role. Forgot to mention @Korg is a half orc.