[cancelled][Full] A Study in Purple | D&D 5E Adventure

On your way to Xarth you stop by the quiet, coastal village of Far Water to spend the night. You stay at Savier’s Tranquil Inn where the innkeeper, who dabbles in alchemy on the side, explains he is short on his supply of the Midnight Violet - a distinctive purple flower - and requests you to recover some more of them from a nearby mansion.

The townfolk warn the party to stay away. But that’s unlikely given that you’ll are a party of mighty and brave heroes, right? Right.

A beginner friendly intro to Dungeons & Dragons. Might be more fun if you can get a friend or two to join you, so you already know some of the other people in the party!

Date and time Sunday March 22, 1PM-4PM (may stretch to 5PM, depending on how the game goes)
Place Roll20 and Discord (will be explained to you’ll individually)
System and Setting D&D 5E
Character creation Will be chosen at the start of the adventure
Max number of players 5 newbie adventurers
Current players: @akshaybhalotia @divusree @ratix +2

Drop a reply below if you want to participate in this adventure! Update: This game is full!

You can also contact me on WhatsApp by clicking here or on Telegram at @karthikb351.

I couldn’t respond with just ‘in’ or ‘I want in’, so I’m writing this longer comment just to say that I want in.


I’m in! So excited! First game

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Would like to join this! Might bring my younger brother along too!