Birds of A Feather, in Stormy Weather | Nov 25 | Bohemian, Indiranagar

A town holds a celebration every monsoon, a cozy celebration in the town hall, with warm drinks, food, and a sleepover. This one is special - it is a wedding, making things extra crowded - and festive! However, one of the brides is getting cold feet - which leads to tensions coming out from both sides of the family.

Welcome to Wanderhome, a simple, beginner-welcoming game where you play a group of sentient animals, wandering from town to town, getting to know its people, and learning their stories while sharing your own. A social game, without combat - Wanderhome is a game about exploring the world, and finding what your place is in it, and just what that means.

Date and time November 25th, 12pm
Place Bohemian Indiranagar
System and Setting Wanderhome
Safety/content tool Lines & Veils, X Card
Character creation Characters will be created at the table
Number of players 5

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