Adventuring Party: The First Foray | D&D 5E | 7th August, 11AM - 2PM

About the DM:
Hello! I’m Thor. I have been playing DnD for several years now and DMing for a few months. Most of my games have been run for my students, which means themes will be PG and jokes will be PC. Silliness is encouraged while slyness is not.

About the Game:

Your graduating party from the Adventuring Academy has been sent out on their first adventure. You all know each other fairly well but have only faced minor challenges in controlled environments until now. All you have with you now are some vague instructions and the good will of your erstwhile teachers.

Will you be able to discover what challenges are plaguing the village you have been assigned to? Will your group succeed in defeating evil and protecting the innocent?

This is a beginner level adventure designed to introduce the interplay of roleplay, combat and party dynamics.

If you want to jump right into playing without spending too much time thinking about it, this game is for you!

Date: 7th August

Location:: Watson’s Indiranagar

Time: 11 AM to 2 PM

Number of players: 3-5 (ideal for beginners)

System: DnD 5e (slightly simplified)

Safety Tools: Lines and Veils

Character Options:
There are six pre-generated characters to choose from. These are simplified (Level 2) character archetypes based on DnD 5e.

Current players: 5/5

Drop a reply below if you want to participate in this adventure!

Hi, is this adventure still available?

It is! You’d be the first player :slight_smile:
Are you interested?

Yes, there are 2 more people with me, so the player count would be up to 3.
We’re complete beginners though, would that be okay?

That’s totally perfect! Kind of what I’m hoping for :slight_smile:
Just confirm that all of you are in and I’ll update the post.

Awesome! Yes, we’d like to confirm

hey! I am an absolute beginner and I would also be interested if there are slots still open :')

Done! Confirming for three :slight_smile:

Done! Confirming for one. :slight_smile:

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Hey Thor. Do you still have a spot? Interested to join in if possible

Yup! One spot available!

Great. See you Sunday