Winter's Folly |D&D 5e| 18 Dec 2022 |

“During winter, a sly thief has been an unwelcome guest in every house, shop and manor in the Sleighlands. Sometimes, the thief would take everything of value within; other times, it was enough to deprive the kids of gifts for the Wintermas.
In either situation, the thief would leave a pair of dice in a prominent location as a calling card to let the owners know who had burgled them. The mysterious ghost became known to the locals as ‘Chance’.

A typical conversation in Sleigh Land at this time:
“My dear, whatever happened to that marvelous toy you bought for your kids?”
“Oh dear, it was taken by Chance.”

So the town’s mayor formulated a plan to best the culprit by allotting guard routes and hiring help from the adventurers guild to capture the elusive thief before the festivities begin ”.

This game is beginner friendly and can be adopted to include experienced players as well.

Date and time 18 Dec, 12pm
Place Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting D&D 5e
Safety/content tool _ Lines & Veils_
Character creation Pre-generated character sheets available as handouts for players
Number of players 4

Current players: 4/4 ( Closed . Thank you folks )

Drop a reply below if you want to participate in this adventure!

I’d love to play in this

Is this a part of clause for concern?

Hello. Welcome to the party.

Yes it is. The game is on 18th.

What level would the game be at?

Level 3. If the table has all experienced players, i can run it for 4, level 5 players characters.

Hi! Me and my friend would love to play through this. He’s a complete beginner, but I’ve played a couple of campaigns. If that’s alright with you?

@HELM I’d like to play, have played more than a few games on discord

Great! I would be happy to have you. and Yes, this is beginner friendly to begin with… So we have our 4 player party then. cheers!!

Awesome.!!! Welcome to the party. You can create a lvl 3 character. . I can share a DNDBeyond link for you to create them. It has most of the source books It will open up creative possibilities with more subclass options.

You can create a Lvl 3 character and for your friend. If you need help with character creation, i can share a DNDbeyond link for you to join and create the character.

@Halcyon @Pranav21 @Bookworm and friend; Welcome to the Sleigh Lands.

You can use the below link to create your characters and i can print them for you for the event.

Looking forward to meeting you all.

See you there on sunday!!!

@HELM, I’ll be late for the game, but will reach by 1PM. Have an appointment