Who runs the Vineyard? DnD 5e one shot| 24th September

The town of Tribore was once known for their legendary wines. After the death of its owner Noshir, the Noshir Vineyard was shut down. After 20 years, the walls of the vineyard have been fortified, smoke coming out of the chimneys etc. Curious fellows who went to check out never came back. A bunch of adventurers enter the wine-deprived city of Tribore. What will happen next?

Beginner friendly. Level 4 characters. Characters will be provided. If players want to play their own characters that has to be informed to the DM beforehand. DnD beyond encouraged if familiar.

Date and time 24 September, 12pm
Place * Indiranagar*
System and Setting DnD 5E
Safety/content tool _ Lines and Veils_
Character creation _ Level 4 characters, pregen or player’s choice_
Number of players 5