What Dreams May Come | Kids on Bikes x Mysterium | 26th May | Underline Center

Someone has been murdered, and their soul has not passed to the realms beyond.

For the last few days, you and your friends have been having dreams and visions which you cannot understand. You all find yourselves drawn to the scene of the crime, compelled to interpret the images you have seen and reconstruct the events of the crime’s night.

Can you determine determine who, where, and how?

This is a murder-mystery themed combination adventure based on the board game Mysterium and using the Kids on Bikes game system.

Mysterium is a cooperative board game involving creative interpretation of illustrated cards in an attempt to identify suspect, location, and weapon involved in an mysterious murder.
Set in a world before the advent of modern technology and in a town where everyone knows everyone else, Kids on Bikes is a rules-light collaborative storytelling experience where the players and the Game Master craft a story of mystery and adventure.

This game will involve lots of roleplay and storytelling, and players are encouraged to interact and use their imaginations to the fullest.
Please Note: You will be playing as a child/teenager!

Date and time 26th May, 12pm
Place Underline Center, Indiranagar
System and Setting Kids on Bikes
Safety/content tool Lines and Veils, X-Card
Character creation Players will choose from premade characters fitting specific archetypes
Number of players 4-5

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