We're giving away a brand new copy of Azul: Summer Pavilion!

This Thursday (July 23rd) is our 200th edition of Tabletop Thursday. To celebrate, we’re giving away a brand new copy of the wonderful abstract strategy game - Azul: Summer Pavilion - to one lucky winner!

How to participate:

  • Join the ReRoll discord server by clicking here: https://reroll.in/chat
  • You’ll be greeted by a page to accept the rules and code of conduct. You’ll need to click on the :white_check_mark: button at the bottom to accept it
  • Then head over to the #giveaway channel and click on the button to join the lucky draw. (you’ll need to have accepted the code of conduct in order to see this page).
  • That’s it!


When is the last date to register?

Registrations close at 11:59pm, Thursday, 23rd July, 2020.

Are there any terms and conditions and strings?

We can only ship it to an Indian address. So there’s that. We might try and guilt you into making a social media post about how amazing we are if you win.

When will you pick a winner?

We’ll pick a winner at midnight on Thursday, 23rd July, 2020.

Is this to celebrate and give back to the community or it is just a ploy to get people to join this Discord server?


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