Warhammer 40k Meetup - Thursday, May 2 - Underline Center, Indiranagar

Welcome to Bangalore’s Warhammer 40k meetup!

Where: Underline Center, Indiranagar (Google Maps)
When: Thursday, 2nd May, 7pm to 11pm
Price: Rs. 299 to Rs. 399 (includes Rs. 50 against food - Why are tickets this price?)
Tickets: Buy Tickets for Tabletop Thursday

We’ll be playing Warcry, which is a skirmish game between battling warbands set in the fantastical realms of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.

What to expect

  • This is happening as part of Tabletop Thursday, there will be two tables set aside.
  • This is designed for new players to explore the game, and for existing players to meet other enthusiasts.
  • Currently we have four prebuilt Warcry armies, and relevant terrain
  • If you are planning to bring your own minis/terrain, please talk to @Fluke or post on the #warhammer-40k-meetup channel on our discord. You can join the Discord using this link.
  • This is a light, friendly environment for players to explore the game - it is not a competitive event. Be helpful, and expect people to make mistakes.

Future events

We aren’t sure how often we’ll be doing this yet, the idea was to start with one and see how many people are interested, and how the event goes. If there is enough interest we’ll do this more frequently. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please post them on the #warhammer-40k-meetup channel on our discord or send a private message to @Fluke.