(Un) Due Process|Gunmetal:Voyager|5 Players (Game Full)|30th April

Sometimes a job is just a job.

There has been an election to elect a planetary governor on Untar Predes I, a resource rich planet on the outer reaches of this sector of space. INTnet news bulletins have been blasting reports of a contentious election marred by violence and voter suppression.
The two parties in the election were the conglomerate Protecc and the workers union Unity. In order to ensure a fair election result, your crew has been commissioned to obtain the ballots from Untar Predes I and transport them to to the nearest United Government spaceport for processing.

The two candidate reports in your dossier are as follows:

Anath Wimas: Executive Officer and Security Commander for the Untar Predes I branch of the Protecc. He is part of the first settlers on Untar Predes I and is deeply spiritual. His colleagues speak of him in reverent tones and claim he is the only one that can save Untar Predes I from evil and madness.

Cale Soda: Cale is a member of Unity running for position as governor of Untar Predes I. Their no nonsense attitude and fiery demeanor has seen them become popular amongst the workers. Various reports say that Cale’s rhetoric is the reason for the rise of violent incidents, especially against the management at Protecc.

Status: Tensions are brewing between the two parties ever since the previous EXO of Protecc died in a shuttle crash. Protecc management blames Unity, while Unity claims the accident was a false flag to malign their name. While the United Government forces on the ground claim the situation is under control, actual status is unclear. Caution advised.

As is usual in guild-sanctioned operations, we will deny our involvement. Deal with this matter discreetly and with minimal fallout.

This game will be played with my newbie-friendly system Gunmetal:Voyager that uses d6s to resolve actions. It focuses on letting players add details during play to flesh out the world. While we will be taking pregenerated characters, you can customise your unique characters using the mechanics of the Gunmetal:Voyager system.

Note: this game contains depictions of a dystopia. Set in a far distant future where fairness isn’t really a thing. You and your crew are but one of many trying to eke out an existence in this shiny, yet dingy, future. Combat is brutal, Stakes are high, and its always your crew vs the universe.

Date and time 30th April, 12pm
Place Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting Gunmetal Voyager (Spacepunk)
Safety/content tool Lines and Veils, Script Change (rewind, pause,replay)
Character creation Pregens are available and can be perused at the table
Number of players 5

Current players (5/5): @Keshav_Mittal , Adhithya + 1, Gursimar + 1


Hey, I’m definitely interested in taking part - is this campaign still planned for April 30th?

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Heyo Keshav - I’ll add you to the table. See you there!

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Awesome - see you then!

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Hello! Would love to join this table! :blush:

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Hello! Not very familiar with the system but would love to join the table if there is an open slot still available :purple_heart:

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Hi!! I’d like to join in, if slots are still available

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Hello @Varsha , @HOE_Bloo and @Nikki.

Thanks for expressing interest in my game. I created this system for ease of play and explanation so don’t worry about knowing rules or being familiar with the system. We’ll do it live!

It would help if you came with some degree of sci-fi spacey inspiration for your character (think Firefly, The Expanse, or Cowboy Bebop).

In the meantime, buy your tickets from this link and select the Game on there. It helps the organizers if we do it that way.

Cheers and hope to see you at our table!


Hey was trying to book the table for Varsha and myself but it shows that everything has been booked out already :confused:

Are there still slots left?

huh - that’s odd - I’ll get @karthikb351 into the discussion.

Hey @karthikb351, Seems like people have booked seats on the table but have not notified it here. Any solutions?

Also looping in @inputj for some resolution

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Howdy I’m interested too! As a huge space sci-fi nerd this is right up my alley.
I’m running into the same issue of not being able to purchase seats.

Hi, @Varsha , @HOE_Bloo, @Nikki and @Dan_Antony ,

I’ve got some bad news and some good news.

Bad news is that people bought tickets but hadn’t updated it here, so the table is full for this month. Some folks bought up the places but didn’t update here.

Good news is that this game will return next month with a different story, so you can hop on that. I’d advise booking your tickets first and then jumping on the thread to notify.

Apologies, I hope to have you at our table one day!

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Good morning!

No issues @HOE_Bloo @Dan_Antony and I will join next month :blush: