Too Fast Too Furrious | 5 players | Crash Pandas| 23rd July

In the crime ridden town of Catham, no thief is as renowned or notorious as the infamous CatLady. No priceless artifact, jewelry or artwork is safe with her on the prowl. But as the age old adage goes, curiosity may have gotten the better of this feline femme fatale. You have all been privy to her planning her latest heist, stealing from one of the crime lords of the city. As she returns from her mission, and tucks you all, her 5 beloved cats, into bed, you notice that she seems nervous and fidgety.
As you all sleep in the middle of the night, you all hear the tell tale sign of a scuffle, a dull thud and what sounds like a sack of flour drop to the floor. As the 5 of you rush into the main landing, you arrive just in time to see the unconscious body of CatLady being dragged out the main door by some goons, shutting the door behind them.
You also notice, as one of the goons was leaving he seems to have dropped a flyer of some sort. On closer inspection it seems to be an illegal street race organized by none other than the crime lord himself. And it seems the finish line of the race is in fact, his highly secure and fortified manor. If you’re gonna get your master, mother and dear friend CatLady back, you’re not going to get a better opportunity than this. Are your paws fast enough and your claws furious enough to rescue your purrfect mistress from her furmidable enemies?

This is going to be a silly and chaotic game where you all play as adorable little cats on a mission to rescue their dear old CatLady through cunning, wit, luck and some very illegal street racing

Date and time 23 July, 12pm
Place Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting We’re gonna be Playing “Crash pandas” by the Legendary Grant Howitt, but you’ll be playing as cats instead of pandas
Safety/content tool Lines and Veils, X Card
Character creation We’ll be creating character sheets at the table. Should take 10 mins tops
Number of players 5 Players

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Is this beginner friendly?

Yes it is! and its a very veryyy simple system