Three Wise Men Came Across the Sea. They Brought us Pain and Misery. | D&D 5E | 18th December 2022

It is Beltaine in Godfall. The week-long celebration of the end of the year and the turning of winter is reaching its raucous climax. And the Nether District is - as always - the centre of the festivities. You are in the Talk and Song, one of the few establishments in the Nether that could be considered borderline respectable. A group of close friends, you have grown up in the bordellos and stews of the Nether - they are your backyard and your playground. It is early evening and you are getting a few gentle rounds in before the flood of folk coming in from the other districts of Godfall looking for some good clean-ish fun.

The door to the Talk and Song opens. Shit is about to go down.

Get dragged into events well above your standing and become a part of the intrigues of the rulers of Godfall.

You can expect: Homebrew high magic setting. An introduction to two of the three pillars of D&D (social interaction and combat) and some classic D&D monsters.
Content warnings: Some story beats will be stolen entirely from the Christmas story so those allergic to stories from religious sources please be warned. No actual religious themes in the adventure. Some imaginary violence.
Newbie Friendly: Newbies preferred actually. Rule help will be on offer, although it would be preferred if you have a basic idea how the game works (sources will be provided).

Date and time 18 Dec, 12pm
Place Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting D&D 5E, Homebrew setting (generic fantasy)
Safety/content tool X cards
Character creation Level 3 characters. Pregens will be provided, or you can bring your own
Number of players 2 - 5

Current players: 5/5 @Thorax @Nirmal @sahirvirmani +2

Drop a reply below if you want to participate in this adventure!


Are slots still available? I’m interested in this adventure. Complete newbie though. Never played DnD before.

Hey! Slots are available. I’ll mark you down as one of the players.

Complete newbie is totally fine. I would recommend watching this youtube video series to understand the basics however. I’ll also post here a few options in terms of pregenerated characters that you can choose from.

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The pregen options are below (all Level 3). Please let me know which one you’d like to play.

Human Rogue
Human Monk
Human Fighter
Elf Druid
Human Barbarian
Elf Fighter


I’ll watch the videos, and understand the basics.
For this, I’d like to play as the Dark Elf Wizard.

Awesome. Here is your character sheet. I’ll carry a print but it’s probably a good idea for you to read it before the game, especially the spells.

Hey @nerfherder ,
I would like to join too! Along with 2 of my friends… So we’d be three total joining. Are there enough slots left?

Hello! Yes there are enough slots left for all of you. I’ll mark you folks down for the game.

Please see my messages above. If you folks are new to D&D please do try to watch the YouTube playlist I’ve linked above so you have a basic idea of how the rules work. Help will be available at the table as well.

Also, please see the list of pregenerated characters above and select one each (Elf Wizard is already taken). You can do this at the table as well but if you get a head start, I can send you your character sheet so you can read it beforehand.

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Hi, are there 2 slots for this available? Would love to join. We’re friends with sahir’s group and Nirmal, and would like to play as a group if possible - could 6 be accommodated?

Hey! I think we’re full up at the moment.

Maybe swing by at the event to check if any slots have opened up? But I’d suggest that picking one of the other games may be safer.

Ah, no worries. We’ll figure another one out :see_no_evil:

Hi, I’m interested too

Hey! Full up at the moment unfortunately. Sorry!

Please look for yellow tshirt and long hair.