The Whispered Touch

Deep in the verdant, lush and overgrown thicket of the Sablewood Forests lies the forgotten temple of the goddess of moon, Luna. Here in the depths, the temple stands overrun by evil and malice. Its light dimmed and flickering. But all is not lost as Mene, one of seraphs of Luna has asked your help in clearing and reclaiming the temple. A promise of adventure and reward awaits.

This a beginner and veteran friendly oneshot that focuses on roleplaying and exploration.

Date and time 9th June, 12pm
Place Underline Centre, Indiranagar
System and Setting Daggerheart
Safety/content tool X Cards/Lines and Veils
Character creation Pregens will be provided, but character creation is encouraged(Lvl 3. Use Demiplane or we’ll create it together before game)
Number of players 6/6

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