The Shimmering Truth

Hexham Needs You!
Reward: 5,000 Gold
Hexham, once a joyous haven, is choked by a chilling fog of suspicion. Our town’s most precious resource, our children, have begun vanishing like phantoms! Whispers swirl around a cackling crone, a witch residing in the ominous Crumbling Manor on the town’s edge.
The Accusation:
Fear-mongering villagers claim the witch transforms these youngsters into lifeless… toys! Ridiculous, some scoff. Yet, the disappearances continue, and panic grips the populace.
The Truth? A Hoax? You Decide!
Is this a sinister plot woven from fear, or is a fiendish enchantress truly at play? Mayor Rumples seeks a band of intrepid adventurers to unmask the deception and bring peace back to Hexham.
Do you have the:

  • Sharp eyes to pierce illusions?
  • Skepticism to sniff out hoaxes?
  • Courage to face the unknown?
    If so, then answer the call!
  • Elias Thorne, Town Crier (Rusty Flagon Tavern - Evenings)
  • Mayor Rumples (Town Hall - Office Hours)

Unravel the mystery!
P.S. The Crumbling Manor’s… defenses are rumored to be… peculiar. Adventurers with a keen eye for illusion are highly preferred!

The Shimmering Truth is a level 8 homebrew oneshot adventure for beginners and veterans alike. It a tale that centers around an eye for detail and roleplaying. Remember, like a mirage in the desert, appearances deceive.

Date and time 31st March 2024, 12pm
Place Underline Center, Indiranagar
System and Setting D&D 5e
Safety/content tool Lines and Veils/X Tools
Character creation Pregens will be provided but character creation is encouraged. Level 8 Characters.
Number of players 6/6

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