The Rock Spiral Mine Invasion [w/ DM @arcwright] | Online | D&D 5E | 5th September 2020 2PM - 6PM | 4-6 Adventurers wanted

A major earthquake in the Dwarven town of Beoford has left the town in shambles. The nearby Rock Spiral Mine had a few miners working at the time this happened, and with the lift in the central column broken, your assistance is required in rescuing the trapped miners.

This adventure is set for new players and requires a party of 4-6 members. The adventure is suited for Level 3 characters

|Date and time| 5th September 2020 | 2PM - 6PM |
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|Place| |
|System and Setting| D&D 5E |
|Character creation| You can bring your own level 2 characters from official WoTC Content. Alternatively you can pick one from the personally curated channel on Discord. You can also talk to your DM to provide you with a pre-generated character |
|Number of players| 4 - 6 |

Current players:

Drop a reply below or contact your DM @arcwright on the Discord channel if you want to participate in this adventure!