The Pro-Benders of Republic City | Avatar Legends: The RPG | 28th May 2023 | Watson's Indiranagar

It’s a new season in Republic City, loyal fans, and you all know what that means! The Pro-Bending Champsionships are underway! Gather your fierce-fighting eaded Firebenders, your foot-firm Earthbenders, and your free-flowing Waterbenders for the greatest bending sport in any age! The winners go on to the Championship themselves, but only the best of the best can make it through? Do you have what it takes to take on the ultimate bending champions from across the Four Nations? Sign up here!

The Pro-Benders of Republic City is a beginner-friendly game using the Avatar Legends: The RPG ruleset. Set after the events of The Legend of Korra, players will take on the roles of pro-bending champions, each with their own histories and motivations, facing off against each other to find themselves a spot in the offical Pro-Bending Champsionship!

Character sheets will be created and provided by the Games Master, who will also be explaining the rules for those new to the Avatar Legends: The RPG ruleset.

Date and time 28 May, 12pm
Place Watson’s Indiranagar
System and Setting Avatar Legends: The RPG
Safety/content tool Lines & Veils, the X Card
Character creation Pre-Generated Character Sheets for Level 1
Number of players 0/6 Slots Available!

Please select this game/table when purchasing a ticket for this event. Just replying to this post is not a confirmation. You may find out how to purchase your tickets here: Fantasy League - A Dungeons & Dragons adventure | Sunday, 28 May | Indiranagar, Bangalore

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